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You feel called to lead in bigger ways and have probably already learnt the hard way that the answer is not in doubling down and working extra hard.

My coaching can help you tap into your inner wisdom so you can get really honest on your goals, learn to sense into the greater potential in yourself and those around you, and bring your unique talents to life.

How I work

What current and past clients appreciate about me,
and what I’d like to offer you is my ability to

  • cut straight to the core so you can see what no longer works
  • connect you to a game changing deeper layer of wisdom and strength you have inside
  • support you to you lead from that depth – with joy, ease, and true impact

You will gain more clarity on why you feel stuck, what your heart desires, and what you want to create. We’ll look at how your thought processes and emotions impact you, what wisdom your body may hold for you, and how the world around you shapes you.

My commitment is to show up fully present so I can be a
true partner in your development. What distinguishes
me from other coaches is my unique blend of…

  • personal experience as a leader in technology who has built teams at scale and managed significant business portfolios
  • expertise as an executive coach who has successfully coached hundreds of senior leaders and leadership teams, and who is certified in a wide variety of effective development methods
  • an ability to help others identify blindspots by clearly and compassionately sharing what I see and sense

I draw on practical approaches underpinned by the latest
academic research. I am flexible in my approach,
yet rigorous in my dedication to your growth.
I can support you with

  • tools to gain deeper insights into your leadership
  • processes to understand what’s keeping you stuck and how to move forward
  • leadership practices to help you engage more effectively with your challenges and stakeholders

Most of all, I’m here to create a space where you can slow down,
get real, and deeply engage with the questions
that matter to you.