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The leaders I work with are at the top of their game.

Yet behind the successful exterior, I often see people suffering with an overwhelming to-do list and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

I am here to offer a respite from the struggle, so you can find a different way. To help you be the real you, so your real work can get done.

My name is Kathrin O’Sullivan and I’m here to help executives wake up from busyness and lead with impact and ease.

My Story

Back in college, I met a woman who claimed she was psychic. She said that one day I’d make a living by helping corporate executives suffer less. I laughed it off. I didn’t believe in fortune tellers, and I didn’t think corporate executives suffered. Little did I know…

Soon after my graduation, I found myself in a swanky tech office with free meals, onsite massages, and all the perks. I enjoyed the lifestyle and recognition that came with fast success. I lived the Silicon Valley dream – working on the coolest technology with the smartest people. Ten hour days plus a gruelling commute followed by late night scrambles to hit deadlines seemed a small price to pay. In hindsight, I was frequently overwhelmed and exhausted, but I didn’t let myself feel it. Somehow, I managed to disconnect from many things that were important to me just to constantly prove myself and climb the next rung on the career ladder. Once in a while, I would hear soft whispers like “what is this all for?” or “do I really belong here?” but I ignored them. My career was skyrocketing after all.

It wasn’t until my marriage unexpectedly fell apart that I started to see what was really going on. I felt lost, depleted, and deeply sad. I woke up from busyness and realized that the life I was living wasn’t the life I wanted.

I slowed down and, with the support of others, learned to listen deeply. I sat with uncomfortable questions like “why is this so hard?” “why do I feel so empty?” and “is it possible for me to find joy in my work without having to leave my job?”

Here is what I discovered. Life is not a to-do list. Blindly following other people’s demands can cause the emptiness inside. It’s possible to find joy at work when you discover what’s true for you and make that your priority. I also realized that I didn’t have to throw away my career. Instead, I embraced how small but meaningful tweaks could make a huge difference. I learned how to cultivate space and connection in the midst of the craziness I was in. I could have both – success at work, and fulfillment.

I now help executives along the same journey that I’ve been on in turning their pain into powerful fuel for high impact leadership.

My Bio

I’m an experienced executive coach with a passion for bringing out the best in leaders. Thanks to my 20+ year career in the tech industry, I serve with a unique combination of practical business experience and a skillful developmental coaching approach. I’m originally from Germany, have lived in five countries, and worked in over twenty.

I have both start-up and big corporation experience including building a thriving digital sales business at Oracle, and helping Google scale and become a phenomenal success story. I am proud of what I’ve contributed to creating and leading company strategy, building and optimizing international operations, and revenue growth. Most of all, I have loved my role in helping smart and ambitious people find their way and fulfill their potential.

As a coach, advisor, and facilitator, I have worked with hundreds of senior leaders in commercial and technical roles. My areas of expertise include


Scaling organizations


Leading in complexity


Collaborating effectively



I believe that none of the above can be fully mastered without tapping into one’s depth and presence as a leader, which is the foundation of my work.

My current clients include Alphabet, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Stripe, Coursera, Chief, Recursion, Zymergen, Adobe, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and a number of not for profit organizations.

I am a sought-after speaker on leadership topics and have contributed to various publications and conferences like Harvard Business Review, Wisdom 2.0, The Mindful Leadership Summit, and Emerging Women.

I aim to coach with deep curiosity and presence, compassionate truth telling, bold visioning, and practical implementation. I have studied with some of the most distinguished thought leaders in my field, and partner with the brightest innovators in Silicon Valley.

I am accredited as

I’m part of Cultivating Leadership, a network of consultants who help leaders and organizations thrive by creating truly innovative and transformative growth experiences. I also serve as a pro-bono coach for the Center for Non Profit Coaching (CNPC). I currently study with Steve March at Aletheia, School for Integral Unfoldment.

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and feel blessed to be surrounded by a culture of innovation and possibility, beautiful nature, and a diverse community of inspiring people.

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