I hired Kathrin as my coach when I was working on my first book. I wanted to change significantly my business model — and downstream, my life — but wasn’t quite sure about next steps. Kathrin helped me think big and go for what I was truly passionate about. If you are looking for someone who can provide clarity by connecting you to your inner wisdom, work with Kathrin. She is supportive, wise, and tremendously fun. She will help you overcome barriers and step fully into your power.

Sara Gottfried, MD, Author of New York Times bestselling books The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet​​

My experience working with Kathrin has been one of the best learning experiences I have had at Google. As my leadership coach at Google she was able to drastically transform my capabilities in a short time frame. The improvements over the course of our engagement were not only noticeable to myself, but also to the senior leaders I work with on a regular basis. I have even been able to help relay the valuable lessons on to my team, which has helped many people benefit rather than just myself.

Brett Koons, Head of Finance, Google

When I first met Kathrin O’Sullivan, I was struck by her powerful presence. She speaks with a sense of clarity and truth. She listens from an open heart and gentle spirit. She looks at the world from a place of curiosity and sees beyond what most people see. And when it is time to step into action, she moves. As a coach, Kathrin sees her clients in their greatness. Standing by their side, she creates a powerful space that helps them realize their visions and dreams and make the difference they feel called to make. As a leader, Kathrin empowers others to be their best. She inspires and affirms. Kathrin O’Sullivan is a gift.

Alan Seale, Director, Center for Transformational Presence
Author of Create A World That Works, Intuitive Living, and The Power of Your Presence

Kathrin’s presence and ability to tune in and connect allow for deep exploration and meaningful change. Her intuitive approach and skillful means support me in making conscious choices that have led me to take risks, trust myself, and speak my truth with confidence. Kathrin is willing to take risks for her clients. Her bold approach has called me forth in powerful ways. I am so grateful our paths crossed!

Rebecca Johns CPCC, CTPC, Owner,  New Directions Professional Coaching

I recommend Kathrin as a consummate coach who models what it means to bring forward the best in oneself. She has an exceptional ability to cross the temporal boundaries of culture, industry-type and socio-economic constraints to meet clients wherever they are on their path forward.  Her commitment to making the world better has truly benefitted those we serve at CNPC.

Mary Riley, Founder and Director, Center for Non-Profit Coaching (CNPC)

What I find most beautiful in Kathrin is the ease in which she carries herself.  She is incredibly strong and insightful while at the same time holding space for what’s possible.  As a coach, she is able to make distinctions that drive to the heart of the matter while maintaining her compassionate connection.  She is gentle yet deceivingly powerful at the same time.  I’m honored to be part of her coaching community.

Laila Tarraf, Head of Human Resources, GI Partners