Kathrin is an experienced organizational development consultant, facilitator, executive coach, and speaker with twenty years of experience in the tech industry. She is based in Silicon Valley and works internationally.

Kathrin left Google in 2017 after twelve successful years where she was initially responsible for building a multi-million dollar advertising revenue channel in Europe. She then moved to the US and held several leadership positions in People Operations, most recently as Head of Executive Development.

Before Google, Kathrin worked for Oracle for five years, and was part of two different tech start-ups. Kathrin is originally from Germany, has lived in five countries, and worked in over twenty.  She has successfully earned her stripes as a leader in complex, fast-paced environments. She understands the demands on executives in a world where traditional structures are breaking open, and is very well positioned to support clients who want to excel in big jobs.

Kathrin has studied with some of the most distinguished thought leaders in her field, and works with the brightest innovators in Silicon Valley. Her recipe for success is her unique combination of business knowledge, cross-cultural intelligence, sharp focus, and powerful intuition.

Kathrin’s Leadership Philosophy:

Kathrin believes that in service of creating a world where everyone can thrive, we need smart leaders who are curious, grounded, open, and passionate about what they do. In times where command and control approaches do more harm than good, effective leadership requires presence, deep listening, truth telling, and compassionate, wise action. Despite the “always on” pressure of their daily reality, the most powerful and effective leaders cultivate time for silence and introspection in order to sharpen their intellect and access their intuition. This allows authentic and effective leadership which inspires everyone to give their best, even in times of uncertainty and constant change.

Education & Credentials: